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The Qbrix Solar Photo Construction Set (40x40cm) is a unique photo constructor that allows you to assemble a picture in pixel art format from any photo an infinite number of times. Perfect for gifting or spending quality time with loved ones, QBRIX promises an exciting and fun assembly process that the whole family can enjoy.

  • The QBRIX constructor is a modern-day novelty. This unique toy like builder is actually a photo constructor that allows you to assemble a picture in pixel art format from any cell phone photo. You can make one masterpiece or create any picture you want an infinite number of times.
  • The constructor can be disassembled and reassembled with new photos as many times as you want. The box can serve as a photo frame and can be mounted on a wall. A picture from the QBRIX constructor will look luxurious and relevant in any interior.
  • If you have children, assembling a photo constructor will help develop hand motor skills and critical thinking skills. QBRIX allows you to spend unforgettable leisure time with family and friends, after which you will have the assembled picture as a souvenir.
  • For best results use high resolution photos with fewer fine details around the main object or objects in the photo. Depending on how many people are building the average time to construct a stunning piece of art with QBRIX is 6-12 hours.

How it works?

  1. Buy a building set (ORIGINAL, SOLAR or POSTER).
  2. Go to the website given in the instruction, enter a 9 digit code, upload and refine your image, receive the mounting plan at your email address.
  3. Start fun puzzling along, with the whole family or friends!
  4. Upload a new photo with the same code for free. Your puzzle is endless!

What's in the box?

  • 3500 bricks
  • 1 base plate
  • 1 mounting tool
  • 1 photo frame
  • 1 assembly manual with a code for unlimited mosaic picture generation
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